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46 S Main Street

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe that skincare is simple, but doesn’t need to be boring. A few time-tested, premium ingredients and an uncomplicated skincare practice will keep skin nourished and glowing. We add in a bit of artistry and a wide variety of scents to create a joyful experience.

OUR FAVORITE INGREDIENTS: What we put in our products is important to us. We’re phthalate, paraben, sulfate, and dye free. Being sufferers of dry and sensitive skin we like nourishing oils and butters rich in vitamins. We also like adding skin-healing ingredients like, vitamin E and vitamin B5. And just because we have troubled skin doesn’t mean we have to use plain bath and body products. We offer gentle scents and colors that work with irritated skin.

1. WASH = Soap
2. SCRUB = Body Scrub or Loofah Soap
3. MOISTURIZE = Lotion, Body Butter, or Bath Bombs.

OUR ARTISTRY: All Lemonwood Soap Co. products are handmade. To make our soap we use the cold process method, which involves mixing fats and lye at a low temperature. This allows time to add in special additives or make elaborate designs. We want you to experience as much joy using them as we had making them.

OUR SCENT VARIETY: Scents can lift spirits and take us on a journey through our memories… that’s why we think it’s so important and why we stock a large variety of different flavors in all of our products. We always keep our favorites, but throughout the year we introduce and rotate in new ones.