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Hand Sanitizer Large


We are unable to sell at online markets at this time and our little business is suffering. We’re selling this product to help boost our online sales, please consider buying more than just hand sanitizer.

Gel-based hand sanitizer made with Aloe Vera and enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil beads. Lightly scented. Available in 4oz or 2oz. Limit one bottles per order.

Contains 62% alcohol.

*This product was approved by the FDA as a hand sanitizer.*
To legally label something a ‘hand sanitizer’ the product has to be manufactured in an FDA audited Drug facility and has to be tested by the FDA.

*This is not a home-made recipe*
This hand sanitizer was originally sold in bulk as a ‘base.’ This means it was sold from the manufacturer as a complete product so that formulators (like us!) can add extra ingredients to make it their own. We added vitamin e & jojoba to help keep your hands moisturized.

*We want to keep you safe and follow the rules*
Many homemade hand sanitizers have popped up lately. We want our customers to know that when it comes to manufacturing our products we follow good manufacturing processes and FDA guidelines.

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